ATV Sand Wars #NOBAR EVENT 2023

The "ATV Sand Wars #NOBAR Event" is here!

Location is in Little Sahara (Waynoka, Oklahoma).

4 Lanes, Double Elimination (Double Knockout), 100% Payout

Event starts October 11-14th.

Show And Shine

On Friday the 13th.

All participants welcome!!!

ATV Sand Wars Is NOT Responsible For Accidents Or Injuries!!!

Go look on Facebook for more details.

Hot Rockin Flats

The "Hot Rockin Flats" is here with PBR!

Location is in Knolls Utah.

2 Lanes, Double Elimination (Double Knockout).

Event starts September 2nd.

All participants welcome!!!

Go look on Facebook for more details.

Northwest Raptor Ralley 2023

The "Northwest Raptor Rally" is here!

Location is in Coos Bay Oregon.

Event starts May 18 to May 21st.

All participants welcome!!!

Go look on Facebook for more details.

4 Stroke 4 Life 2023

The "4 Stroke 4 Life" is here!

Location is in Little Sahara Oklahoma.

Event starts May 12 to May 13th.

All participants welcome!!!

Go look on Facebook for more details.

King of Sand Mountain Utah 2023

The "King Of SMUT" Race is here!

Location is in Sand Mountain Utah (Little Sahara Recreational Area in Juab County Utah.

700 foot Grudge hill shooting/ sand drag racing.

Event starts April 22.

Classes are as follows:

All participants welcome!!!

Go look on Facebook for more details.

2022 Events

Hot Rockin Flats 2022

The "Hot Rockin Flats" Race is here!

Location in Knolls UT just outside of Wendover.

300' Grudge sand drag racing.

Event starts September 3rd 11am Sharp.

Last minute Test N Tune (TNT) On Friday.

This race is a double knockout race.

Free spectating, $100.00 to enter and compete for the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place pots.

Sponsor the race Contact Skip Pappas on Facebook for details and pricing.

Cali Vs. Utah race!!!

All participants welcome!!!

Sage Raceway Season Closer 2022

Sage Raceway Season closer.

Information & Fees:

Buyback 1st Round Only

*Special Feature Weekend

Idaho Regatta 2022

The Idaho Regatta is an annual boat race that takes place on the Snake River located in Burley, Idaho. The race is held on the "LAST FULL" weekend in June approximately the 24-27.

The event hosts some of the fastest Circle Sprint Boats from across the United States.

We generally host 10 classes of boats that include; K Racing Runabouts, Un-blown Flats, Cracker Boxes, Sportsman Extreme, Competition Jet, Grand National Endurance, GPS 105, 2.5 Liter Hydroplanes, 1 Liter Hydroplanes, and A-Stock/Junior Hydroplanes.

The race course is an approximate 1.25 mile course set up on the beautiful Snake River. They race around a buoyed course that has an island in the center of the race course. You can see the boats go behind the island, but you don't know what happens on the back straightaway. This adds to the excitement because you never know which boat will come from behind the island in the LEAD.

The facility that the event is hosted at is the wonderful  Rivers Edge Golf Course Marina/Park. There is plenty of area for spectators to view the event from the front straightaway.  Spectators watch the boats make four laps around the 1.25 mile course racing for trophies and prizes.

The event also sports food vendors and some swag vendors for your enjoyment. We sell event T-shirts to commemorate your experience at the Idaho Regatta. Some of our Race Teams also sell shirts so that you can get one from your favorite driver/boat.

Come join us for the Northwest's Fastest and most Prestigious Flatbottom Boat Race on the Snake River in scenic Burley, Idaho. JUNE 23-26,  2022